Perrysburg Excels On and Off Football Field Against Rival

Perrysburg Excels On and Off Football Field Against Rival

By Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Staff


The Somethin’ Headline from 1963

The rivalry between Perrysburg and Maumee begins on the football field, but we are competitive in many aspects of athletic and academic life. Even just between the two cities, tensions rise around the time of the annual game. 

Perrysburg High School’s 96% graduation rate is higher than the state average of 89%; Maumee’s is 93%.  Perrysburg was also named a Blue Ribbon school in 2014. 

Headline from 1996

The Somethin’ Headline from 1996

We have had the bell since 2011, which means that no student-athlete currently enrolled has lost the bell. “This game dates back to 1928 and continues to be a very competitive rivalry game between the two schools,” said former athletic director for Perrysburg and current board member Ray Pohlman. The over all record is Perrysburg 53 and Maumee 40 with 5 ties.

 According to, a website that ranks schools based on state and district averages, Maumee High School scored a three out of ten whereas Perrysburg scored a nine. On a statewide scale, Maumee was named the 121’s best school in the state, we were named the 60th.

The rivalry has been around longer than any of us

The Somethin’ from 1939

Even in an annual fishing tournament between the two cities, Perrysburg beat Maumee for the third year in a row. 

In 1986, we unfortunately lost the bell to Maumee and apparently the senior class was not very pleased about that:


The Somethin’ headline from 1958

 according to several 1987 graduates, Perrysburg students broke into Maumee and stole the bell back to put it in its rightful place. On Friday this year, October 29th, Perrysburg defeated Maumee 48-21.

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