The Final Day: MAUL MAUMEE!

The Final Day: MAUL MAUMEE!

By Izzie Knestrick
eSomethin staff 

To end the final day of spirit week, Yellow Jacket students came together to show their pride for Perrysburg High School by dressing in their black and gold gear, or in better known terms, the winning team’s colors! Every classes hallway was decorated with posters, streamers and balloons in honor of Maul Maumee week, each one more festive than the last. The pride that Perrysburg students possessed during this week was phenomenal, and they, without a doubt, proved that fact through this years spirit week themes. At the end of the night, Perrysburg’s football team, indeed, mauled Maumee 48-21. Now come on, who couldn’t be proud to be a Yellow Jacket?

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