Pride Week: Day Two: Blast to the Past!

Pride Week: Day Two: Blast to the Past!

by Tiara Ray
eSomethin’ Staff

As we get deeper into spirit week, students are starting to show off more and more school pride! Tuesday, day number two of spirit week, students dressed according to the decade of their choice, going all the way back to the 70’s, 80’s 90’s, etc,. Students got to show off their school spirit by wearing bell bottoms from the 70’s, poodle skirts from the 50’s, or even scrunchies from the 80’s!

Down below are just a few of the many ways students expressed their school pride on day 2 of spirit week!

Senior Maggie Morse shows off her school pride with a 70’s inspired look paired with junior, Ella Koskinen’s 90’s look!

Seniors Cory Kramer and Katie Gerber and junior Jake Mathews also dress for spirit day number 2!

Seniors  Katie Gerber, Cory Kramer and junior Jake Mathews also dress for spirit day number 2!

Freshman Zack Miller says he is enjoying his first spirit week in high school and says “it is fun way to express yourself!”, and freshman Will Fulmer also says he is enjoying it so far!


Juniors Nicole Langenderfer, Delaney Esper, Haley Hess, Ayliana Moehling and Sydney Welch pose in their 50’s outfits!


Junior couple Josiah Graham and Morgan Chambers pose for a cute 50’s couple pic!


Juniors Adam Stormer, Zack Ziems, Daman Singh, Spencer Murray, Ian Ritzman, and Dylan Stiles all dressed for spirit week.


Juniors Leah Kazmaier and Talyor Carpenter all dressed up in poodle skirts for spirit week!


Senior Abby Henry and a few of her other friends dressed as founding fathers for Tuesday’s spirit day!


Sophomore David Wilhelm dressed as Jesus, taking it way back for Blast to the Past!

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