Balance Review

Balance Review

Leah Cote
eSomethin Staff

Balance, the new place around town, grabbed our attention. Everyone was talking about the great prices, excellent bubble tea, and great food. We made our way in there and found all of those exceeded our expectations!


Staffers Tiara Ray and Izzie Knestrick discuss food at Balance (photo: Leah Cote)

Walking into Balance,  the very interesting art on the walls sets the overall theme of the restaurant. It’s atmosphere is very modern, fresh, and a positive energy. Immediately after walking in, we were greeted to a happy, kind staff there saying hello and greeting us. Balance is it’s own, and very unique! So if you’re tired of going to the same place, dining, and seating in, Balance is a whole new experience.


Bubble Teas (photo: eSomethin)

From Mango Blitz, to Strawberry Cream, Balance offers a variety of flavors for their Bubble Tea! If you’re in the mood for a beverage full of passion, their Passion Fruit Bubble Tea will do the trick, or if you’re a lover for coffee, they offer an Espresso Cream Bubble Tea, an Oolong tea with organic milk and coffee! Say you just can not decide, well, they have got you covered with my personal favorite, The Whatever, their signature blend with five flavors and mixed juice bubbles! Who couldn’t resist that?


The menu definitely varies here, and a lot of options were present.
Asian tacos, bowls, citrus brussels, salad, etc. Doesn’t get much better that that! Walking in, let’s say you’re getting (my personal favorite) the Wiseman bowl. You would have the choice of protein, so let’s say in this case you chose chicken, from there you choose your starch, and fried rice is the way to go. Not only is it delicious, but the portions are big, so you can always bring it home and save some of the terrific food for later! Now, say you’re looking for a nice quick snack, such as the delicious Edamame, or the Chinese Long Bean Salad, those are both spectacular and great choices!  If you’re thinking, all this great food, there has got to be a catch, the price. Think again!. The average price of a bowl at balance is around $7. Which is a totally awesome price! Balance’s prices are excellent considering the big portions you get, and the quality of the food.

Plates at Balance

Plates at Balance (photo eSomethin)

Overall, we  would give Balance a whole 10/10! So the next time you’re looking for a healthy, tasty, and cheap lunch, Balance is the place to be. Get out and zest up your meal today.

Balance Pan-Asian Grille
Located: 26520 N Dixie Highway
Phone: 419-874-7777




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