Watch where you’re ‘GO’-ing

Watch where you’re ‘GO’-ing

By Maggie Davis
eSomethin staff

Be careful while you play Pokemon Go. (AP Photo/Hau Dinh)

It’s no secret that Pokémon Go has been causing nothing less than absolute chaos since it’s release on July 6.

People have gone wild, ignoring warnings of watching where players step. There have been incidents of trespassing, jaywalking, driving while playing, armed robberies — a teenage girl even found a dead body in a local river in Wyoming. Yikes! Because of such crazed accidents, this app’s reputation is on the fence.

Some praise it for encouraging people to get outside and walk around. Others condemn it, seeing as many players seem to have left their common sense at home.

Whether you’re on a sports team, involved in the performing or visual arts, or in another club here in Perrysburg, you probably know at least one person that plays Pokémon Go. While this can lead to fun events within the community — much like BGSU’s Pokémon meet-ups on the campus — it’s also important to remember that many are also not playing the game. Thus, it’s important that Perrysburg trainers remember to be respectful to those in our community who do not want to be involved, and act to keep their own safety in mind.

Here are some recommended tips to help trainers be the very best and safest they can be on their adventures:

  • Be mindful of when and where you’re playing. Not everyone should be out playing after dark, and everyone is entitled to a good night’s rest. Be respectful of the areas you wander into as well. Pick up any waste or recyclables you or your group bring with you, and be aware of how much noise you are making if it’s late. Schools, work, memorials, and graveyards are definitely not places to play. Make good judgments about where it’s okay to pull up the app.
  • Travel in a group. There’s safety in numbers, especially if you do decide if you are going out late at night or are planning to go to an unfamiliar place. Also, it’s a great reason to hang out with your friends. Always check the area around you for any dangers while you’re out walking. If the area seems sketchy, don’t be afraid to turn around and head back. You will not always know who or what is out there.
  • Be prepared for your time outdoors. Bring a backpack or some sort of bag filled with water bottles and a snack if you plan to be out for a long period of time. It’s also recommended that you bring a mobile battery charger with you because the app is known to eat up your phone’s charge.
  • Don’t play anywhere you aren’t supposed to. Some areas and organizations, like BGSU, encourage their communities to get out and play. However, all of their gyms and stops should be or are accessible from the outdoors, and some areas might be closed off for construction. Don’t wander into buildings or trespass on someone else’s property just because you saw a Pikachu show up on your Pokémon tracker!
  • Look away from the screen to see where you’re going. People will likely roll their eyes and skip this. Sure, it sounds dumb and sure, you say you will. You’ll click out of the reminder in the app. We’ve done this.

It’s important to remember to be aware of what’s going on around you when you are out playing. Make sure to stay safe and take any other precautionary steps you feel are important. Have fun catching ‘em all, Perrysburg.

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