Video game review: ‘Tower Unite’

Video game review: ‘Tower Unite’

By Noah Keel
eSomethin Staff

The Sony Playstation 3 with its new controller is shown during the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 2006 E3 media event at Sony Studios in Culver City, Calif., Monday, May 8, 2006. The new controller looks similar to the one for the older PlayStation 2 but adds motion sensors to detect six degrees of movement. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Tower Unite is a relaxing game, almost like a long walk on a beach. It’s an open world social game where everyone gets to meet awesome people.

In Tower Unite, the player earns money by playing mini games, players can use this money to do a lot of awesome stuff!

reviewThis awesome stuff includes buying clothes, gifts for friends, and stuff to decorate their virtual condo. It has huge potential, but it needs work. Tower Unite is a game where the player just get on and meet new people everyday. The player spawns into the beautiful world and the player gets to meet people and play mini games with them. There’s plenty of things that players will be able to do, but most of the stuff has a “coming soon” sign on it when they update the game.

The game is updated everyday with new content and bug fixes.

The game is always online, meaning gamers will need an Internet connection while playing. The game is mostly about just socially interacting with other players. The game is marketed toward any PC gamers. There is no age limit. It’s just pure social interactions.

Players start out by getting off a subway train under the tower (yes, it is an actual tower). Then players walk out of the subway station where the players arrive in the so-called ‘lobby’. The lobby is not an actual lobby. It’s more of a Time Square-ish location. Gamers are surrounded by big neon signs that say “Games,” “Theater,” “Arcade” etc. This is where players see the main fountain in the square. Most people stand around this area, and keep in mind, they have 64-player server, so there is a lot of people.

Everyone is so kind and compliment each other on their virtual hats and clothes. This is where the currency system comes in. Players earn money by playing mini games. Right now, the game with the most payout is mini golf. Players average $200 per hole if they are good at the game. Gamers can use their money to buy clothes, pets, and many other things that they can place in their condo.

The coolest feature of this game so far happens to be all the things players can do in their condo. Gamers can buy beds, televisions, and even appliances. This is great because players can place them anywhere they want. I wanted to make my condo to look funny so I put everything on the ceiling, so basically my condo was upside down.

Gamers can even control the time of day of their condo. The whole point to the game is get out and meet everyone hence the name “Tower Unite”. Everyone unites because they all have one thing in common; they all live in the same virtual building.

The developers of Tower Unite also created Gmod Tower. Gmod Tower happens to be a modification for the popular PC game called Garry’s Mod. For people who do not know Garry’s Mod, otherwise called Gmod is a sandbox game where players build whatever they want whenever they want. I played Gmod Tower back in its prime and glory days of 2012.

It basically had the same concept but the developers were limited in what they could put in because of the game engine limitations. A “Game Engine” is what a game is built on. This is what makes the game run and playable. After hitting the limitations the developers didn’t just stop. The developers started a kickstarter page where people could donate money to help build their standalone game.

This game turned into Tower Unite.

All previous players items from Gmod Tower carries over to their new character and if the developers couldn’t get some of these items they gave people in-game cash. Gameplay is very fun, but can get repetitive when players need to grind to be able to purchase what they want. I played eight games of 18 hole mini golf to be able to afford all the stuff in my home theater in my virtual condo.

Overall, Tower Unite is one of my all time favorite games because of all the cool stuff everyone can do with friends and random players they meet. I would wait to buy the game as of right now even if it’s cheap. The game needs more finished content before buying so I would say wait a month or two then buy it. I say that if people want to pick up this game, wait till September of 2016. By then, a lot of content will be in the game.

This game is awesome, but needs more content. Luckily they update it constantly.  

Gameplay: 7/10

Sound Quality: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Compatibility: 10/10

Optimization: 10/10

Fun Factor: 9/10

Uniqueness: 10/10

Total: 64/70 Review Points

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