Students display their art

Students display their art

Jamie Ohls in front of her gallery of art work during this year’s show. MAGGIE DAVIS Photo.

Stories by Bailee Brown
Photos by Maggie Davis
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Art Beat was the theme of this year’s art show on May 5.

The art was absolutely fantastic. There were paintings, sculptures, and entire tables dedicated to students. The tables displayed all sorts of artwork of the artist being presented there. There were even artists painting near the stairwell.

Sophomore Lilly Limes was painting and she said it was of, “my dog, Elizabeth. Today is her sixth birthday.”

Out all of her artwork her favorite painting was an office piece.

GAS- Brad Slee

Brad Slee’s portrait of baseball manager Jim Leyland. MAGGIE DAVIS Photo.


“Most of it’s made in class, but some of the advanced students make things outside of class,” said art teacher Candra Boggs. She has been involved in the art show for 10 years now.

Student Courtney Gaffin said she came to the show because likes art and wants to support her friends. This was her first year seeing the art show and she is considering going again next year.

If anyone is looking to enter next year, you must be in an art class.

Slideshow featuring the artists’ work from the 2016 Art Beat show

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