Off and running

Off and running

PHS runners compete in the new track's first meet against Northview High School.

PHS runners compete in the new track’s first meet against Northview High School.

By Anthony Grigsby
eSomethin Staff

After a long construction process, last month was the first time Perrysburg High School’s brand new track was used in its entirety for a full-fledged meet between Perrysburg and Northview.

The new track has been in production since last year, and recently finished its development.

It has two sand pits, and a designated area for students participating in the throwing sports. With a newly founded track, harboring fresh terrain for the runners to compete on, the new track is without a doubt an improvement from the previous one.

I’ll elaborate: The previous track at Perrysburg Junior High School that all students were forced to utilize for track meets was flawed in comparison to the brand new one. Our team had been competing on a worn and public track. It was susceptible to garnering large concentrations of the tire rubble used as the foundation for the artificial-turf football field.

This disrepair presented many problems. Lanes had interfering holes and ruggedness, giving other participants a slight but very real advantage. However, the introduction of the new track and field has eliminated those problems from the past.


Track donor Walt Churchill.

It is common knowledge by now that the new track was aided by Walt Churchill, an integral financial contributor. Mr. Churchill, a runner himself, holds a personal connection to the creation and use of the track. To show his admiration for the sport, Mr. Churchill made a $500,000 donation.

“This investment, alongside the school’s levy of $750,000 dollars, gives us a track worth over one million dollars,” said Chuck Jaco, the Perrysburg High School athletic director.

Despite Mr. Churchill owing students absolutely nothing after his incredible donation, he came out for the opening of the new track. Prior to the meet, Walt Churchill’s Market brought in food for other investors or visitors to enjoy. At 4 p.m., Walt Churchill jogged a short length of the track and crossed the line, signifying the official opening of the track.

The track meet that followed Mr. Churchill’s entrance went incredibly well, with several Perrysburg runners and throwers doing their best to defeat Northview in every event they could. It was a cold day, though.

“You don’t pay attention to the cold when you’re running,” said Adam Ohls, a sophomore long-distance runner. “You only pay attention to the person in front of you and whether or not you can beat them.”

Overall, the introduction and first-ever home meet at Perrysburg High School went well. Cameos by Mr. Churchill and Superintendent Tom Hosler and an incredible track meet really brought out the potential in the new track.

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