‘High School Musical’ a big hit

‘High School Musical’ a big hit



By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

If you belong to the Perrysburg community, you know that the spring musical is a big one for the high school. This year’s version with High School Musical was no different. 

reviewThe show very closely followed the plot of the movie, and was well done. Everybody was very excited and enthusiastic, and there was never a dull moment in the show. The show was good for all ages, and has countless laughs as well as typical high school drama.

The first act introduces you to all of the main characters, while thickening the plot.

The play is focused around a high school basketball player who enjoys to sing. Since he is the star athlete, he has to hide it from his friends and family because singing goes against the status quo. When a new girl moves to town, she encourages him to try out for the play with her. When word of this get outs, their friends try to keep them from joining the play. Others try to outshine them at auditions.

In the end, everything works out.

Principal Michael Short played Coach Bolton, and Deena Atassi as Ms. Darbus act as a comic relief during the play. Katie Sanderson and Alex Gallerno gave an incredible performance as Sharpay and Ryan. Though, not a main character, a scene-stealing moment in the first act came from a one liner, the inch worm, played by Michael Luce.

“It’s just a line in the play and Gentry had me do it, I didn’t expect the reaction from the audience,” he said. “I expected the laughs, but not complete strangers to come up to me and be like ‘that’s so funny!’”

The second act wraps up callbacks, and includes an extraordinary performance of “When There Was Me and You” and “Breaking Free” sung by Jake Myers as Troy, and Chloe Carter as Gabriella.

The cast and ensemble could not have put on a better show. There were times the music was louder than the singers.

“I loved it,” senior Sabrina Egli said. “Everything was great and it was pretty funny. Michael Luce as the worm was probably my favorite scene.  It was great!”

Most of all, people liked the music. Freshman Shelby House said her favorite part was the Megamix of all the songs at the end, and freshman Emily Swick said her favorite part was all of the group numbers with everyone. When asked if they would go see the play next year, they both responded with a very enthusiastic yes.

High School Musical was fantastic, and was certainly better than expected. The actors and singers enjoyed their time on stage, and everything seemed to work perfectly.

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