PHS’ inaugural Career Day

PHS’ inaugural Career Day

Career Day Presenters 2016
By Ashlin Smart

eSomethin Staff

April 15th was a big day for Perrysburg High School.

There were 706 freshman and sophomores traveling through the school, while 372 juniors and seniors left school to job shadowing or take a college visits during Perrysburg’s first career day.

“I was originally inspired by Napoleon High School’s opportunity day,” said Christin Lee, a guidance counselors who is in charge of Career Day. “Our career day is different than theirs, because their opportunity day involves their teachers teaching those sessions, where our career day is going to be presenters from the community giving presentations on their career fields.”

There were 55 presenters from all over northwest Ohio to present to the freshman and sophomore classes. Each presentation lasted about an hour and the day was broken into four different sessions with the different presenters, based on what the students wrote down they were interested in. Careers ranged from meteorology, veterinary, sports medicine, journalism and many others.

While the freshman and sophomores attended these sessions, juniors and seniors traveled around visiting colleges, job shadowed, or attended a “Real Money” presentation put on in the gym. College visits ranged far and wide, but many students got on a bus at the high school and attended presentations put on at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.

Students who forgot to sign up for Career Day were placed in the “Real Money, Real World” presentation going on in the gym.

“It was kind of the usual make sure you pay your bills for necessary needs, don’t spend too much money, keep saving, don’t use credit cards type of presentation,” senior Soliman Dastagir said. “It was very beneficial because the session was talking about your life when you grow up. Will you have a family? Can you afford insurance? Will you be able to provide for your family? It offered insight to what it will be like in the future.”

Students who job shadowed also said that it was beneficial.

“I was able to speak to various employees about their job requirements and everyday tasks. It gave me insight as to how the company was run,” senior Katie Renner said. Students shadowed multiple careers such as teachers, nurses, accountants, and marketing teams.

With such an elaborate day like this, it’s easy to run into a few problems. Mrs. Lee stated that 17 of the scheduled sessions were canceled, some for the whole day and some for part of the day. To even this out she moved some of the kid’s session schedules around, or let them choose a new career completely.

She also had issues with seniors and juniors.

“There was a glitch in the communication with the juniors and seniors in getting them registered with their choices with career day,” she said.

When asked if students would change anything, there were a variety of answers. Renner said, “I think it would be more beneficial to have it earlier in the year, because at this point seniors know where they want to go to school and what they want to do with their career.”

Perrysburg High School’s first Career Day was very successful, and hopefully will be a day that the school continues for years to come.

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