Froshfest returns

Froshfest returns

froshfest dinosaur (created by Rachael Brandel)

The dinosaur theme from Froshfest. (created by Rachael Brandel)

By Maryann Jajou
eSomethin Staff 

Looking around the gymnasium you see tables around the entire perimeter. Each of them filled with colorful boards, signs, and medals. On each table you see displayed are the many different clubs and organizations that are featured at Perrysburg High School.

That’s what Froshfest looks like, a yearly tradition at the high school. It gives a chance for current eighth graders in the district to come to the HIGH school to learn more information while getting a feel of what it’s like to be in attendance.

This year’s theme for the t-shirts revolved around a diverse array of dinosaurs. Seniors sported the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, while juniors got the carnivorous Velociraptor. Sophomores were given the “duck-billed” Corythosaurus, while the freshman class were designated the herbivorous Triceratops.

With a new theme and new faces, Froshfest was a great success this school year.

Froshfest combined the entirety of this year’s eighth grade class from the Perrysburg School district, who came to the high school to see what the school is like and get more information about our school, and the potential classes that they may be thinking about taking.

“The future freshman can expect a very fun day, filled with tons of exciting information to learn about high school and the four years they are about to experience,”  said Sarah Neiswander, a senior and active Student Council member.

The freshman student council organized the event and tours around the school.

Clubs and organizations had the chance to recruit new upcoming freshman, varying from The Gay Straight Alliance to Girls Rugby.

“I think it will be really exciting for the eighth graders and get pumped up for high school,” said senior student council member Meghan Grycza. “I’m excited to do discussion groups, and I really hope I don’t get any rowdy kids. I think it will be fun.”

Froshfest enabled the incoming freshman class to come and get some information about the school and get a short tour around the building. Current students led each group of the eighth graders around the building.

The event took place inside the Perrysburg gymnasium, where local school clubs or sports organizations set up customized booths flaunting information concerning the nature of their group to the incoming freshmen. Current freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and senior classes signed up to man said booths.

The aftermath of Froshfest had student buzzing about their experiences and how many recruits they gained from the different club tables.

“I thought it was really cool to see what our new classmates will be like,” said Betsy Wagner, a freshman in student council.

Elliott Schmittenberg, Freshman Student Council President, said: “It was a completely different experience being on the other side of Froshfest and it was a very enjoyable experience.”

This was and still is a great opportunity for the incoming freshman to get a tour of the school and to get a chance to sign up for clubs in the gym in case they needed to know more about it.

“It was a fun experience to meet some students that are coming into the high school next year,” said Carlos Rodriguez, on Freshman Student Council.

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