Staying home for Spring Break

Staying home for Spring Break

By Rachael Brandel
eSomethin Staff

Spring Break is a great time to escape the cold, wet weather of winter’s slow transition to spring. NBRN bowl25pHowever, not everyone gets so lucky. For those who are still stuck in the state of Ohio — more specifically, the city of Perrysburg — here are some ideas to keep you busy during your time off.

If you’re feeling hungry, there are a couple new restaurants that have just opened and are quite the hot spots. Balance, a pan Asian grill, and Macs N’ Melts, a macaroni and grilled cheese restaurant, are two very popular new places. They are located at the corner of North Dixie Highway (State Rt. 25) and Eckel Junction Road.

Mr. Freeze also is a popular spot in Perrysburg to get ice cream. Levis Commons is a more upscale place to eat if you feel like dressing up for an evening with friends or a significant other. Downtown Perrysburg has some fun restaurants, like Perrysburgers, Casa Barron, Parker Coffee Company & Eatery and Zingos Mediterranean, which are fun to go to for lunches.

If you are not in possession of a car, you could bike to a park. There are multiple parks in Perrysburg, including Rivercrest, Municipal, and Woodland Parks to name a few.

If you have a car, your horizon is much wider.

There is a place off of Monroe Street in Sylvania, Q-Zar, which is known for it’s game room and laser tag. Another popular place is War Zone. It has laser tag, airsoft, paintball, and an arcade, but is about 10 minutes further away. There is an up-and-coming new hit in Toledo, called Trapped Toledo. There you and a group of up to 12 people, depending on which room you pick, have 60 minutes to work together and try to escape, or you “die.” There are many bowling alleys around the Perrysburg area, for example Al-Mar, Timber’s, Rossford Lanes, and Interstate Lanes.

Chris Xie , a senior, plans to “eat, sleep, play video games, repeat.”

McKenna Graber, a sophomore, is going to a concert and hanging with friends. Junior Abby Henry  is taking advantage of the time off to go on a college visit, and then spend some time with her sister while she is home from college.

If you feel like staying at home for the day, you could draw with chalk on your driveway, read a book, watch some movies, bake some cookies, have a spa day, hang with friends, color, go for a walk, take a nap, listen to music, clean, write some poems, eat food, and so on.

The options are limitless.

No matter what you end up doing over break, take time to relax and enjoy your week away from the stress of school.

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