COMMENTARY: Arts are vital

COMMENTARY: Arts are vital

School Superintendent Tom Hosler talks with former students about their self portraits painted in a PHS art class. BLADE Photo

By Rachael Brandel
eSomethin Staff

Young adults are always looking for ways to express themselves on what and how they feel, whether it be through words or music or art.

Perrysburg offers many different forms of art and music classes, which many students take. We as students are pushed to get involved in activities and after school activities gives us an outlet for our creativity, and to meet and befriend those with similar interests. Commentary_With_LinesWe grow as people when we explore our creativity, and that is something we need more of in today’s world.

Arts are important because they allow a break from the challenging core classes, giving students a break from the stress of the rest of the school day. Through the programs we are given many opportunities to show the community what we have worked on. Art shows and display cases are the main examples.

The arts give students a new sense of confidence and teach them to be proud of their accomplishments.

Garrett Leininger, one of the choir directors, said that through choir students learn many skills, one of those being teamwork.

“We should keep music and the arts in school because it is the most innate part of being a human. It is a direct connection to emotions and the human soul, how we feel and perceive things. It is a different type of mental stimulation when compared to other academic courses,” said Mr.  Leininger.   

The arts allow us to be human, and keep true to ourselves.

The importance of the arts in schools is indescribable and we should fight to keep music and art classes in all schools. Without it, students would lack a way to express themselves. Arts help our minds expand and grow. Creativity is a big part of life, art is everywhere, and every kid should have the opportunity to experience it.

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