eSomethin wins prestigious award

eSomethin wins prestigious award

By Zach Moser
eSomethin Staff

After many years of hard work, has won an award.

The award is a gold medalist award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, CSPA for short. cspa-sealThe CSPA gives out standards with each category having a “Excellent, Good, Needs Work, and Missing” category. To get the award newspapers are compared with more than 130 standards to fulfill. eSomethin was not missing the mark on any of these standards.

This award would not be possible without a few very important people. Joy Wagener, a Perrysburg High School English teacher and co-adviser for, had incredible idea of taking a shot into the dark and entering eSomethin into the CSPA newspaper competition.

Ms. Wagener said that the award “substantiates students work” and it “makes students work harder.”

Another person who made this award possible is Tim Kitson, eSomethin’s adviser. 

“The feedback CSPA sent back on our site is extremely valuable,” Mr. Kitson said. “I’m hopeful to renew our subscription to CSPA and compete in future years.”

Finally the people who make this award possible is the writers of eSomethin, without them this would not be possible. Noah Keel, a eSomethin writer, said that he thinks it’s “pretty cool” that we won the CSPA award.

Nick Gnepper, a senior writer, said that “he was honored to win this award.”

This is not the only award eSomethin has been nominated for. In 2007  it was nominated to win a webby. In order to keep winning awards eSomethin needs to keep publishing new content. According to Mr. Kitson, eSomethin will have articles on a variety of sporting events, plus coverage of the 2016 presidential race. He said eSomethin wants to continue on the path of innovation by publishing new and exciting content.

In the end, you can expect a lot of great work from eSomethin, Perrysburg High School’s digital newspaper.

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