Students make Picasso-like Collages

Students make Picasso-like Collages


By eSomethin Staff

Having recently read the novel Speak, PHS English teacher Joy Wagener found it suitable to have her students create an interpretive, collaborative art project to her students.

Her students were assigned to make Picasso-esque collages made from cut-out magazine pictures of people situated in advertisements and headline articles. They then used these cut-outs to trade with one another, each collecting a diverse array of noses, eyes and mouths.

Using these facial constructs, each student collected a large piece of colored construction paper to use as the canvas for their art.

The goal of this project was to compare the main character to feeling shattered and broken to recreating it through art.

To capture the feeling the students must have felt when completing this project, we asked one of Mrs. Wagener’s students, freshman Iraj Khan, about her thoughts on the assignment.

“I actually really liked it,” she said. “We took parts of smaller faces and put them into a bigger face.”

Mrs. Wagener said that, “It was fun to watch the students run from one side of the room and trade then shout to another person to trade again.”

The students, as well as teachers, were very pleased with the process and outcome of this activity. It provided peers with an outlet to express their artistic ability in a relevant format that held heavy connections to the novel, Speak.

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