Matchmaker survey

Matchmaker survey

MatchomaticsBy Ethan Amstutz,
Zachary Moser and Ashlin Smart

eSomethin Staff

Valentine’s Day recently passed, and while there are tons of people who have a special someone, there are tons who do not.

The solution? A matchmaker quiz to find new friendships.

Taking the quiz is free, but it costs $2 to view your results. Though this is a way for student council to make money for the freshman class, is it worth it? Of the 527 students who took the quiz, only 202 students purchased results, meaning the freshman class only brought in $404 instead of $1,054.

“The Senior Class Student Council that graduated last year suggested that the incoming freshmen class complete it for a fundraiser. They enjoyed having the opportunity to complete it when they were in high school, so they thought additional classes would like it too,” said freshman adviser Nicole Kosewick.

It seems that the only people who answered the quiz seriously were the freshman class, other students said that they made up their answers. Some of the questions included were “what’s your favorite color,” and “how do you feel interacting with people of other grades”.

“It is questionable since everybody takes it as a joke, it’s not very effective for its intentional purpose,” senior Ryan McConnell said. “It’s just fun.”

Other students agreed, stating that they didn’t put serious answers. Some said they used fake names, such as , “Bfdxg Fdxg,” which is just a mixture of random letters. Mrs. Kosewick said the only negative feedback she received from this quiz was the fact that some students were paired with people using a fake name.

We did happen to speak to one freshman, Julia, who was excited for her results.

“I just wanted to see who’s like me, and I thought it would be fun,” she said.

Though some were excited to see their results, most people wanted them just to see who was on it, and to see what random people would be on it.

The only way this could hurt a student’s opinion is if they decided to type something about himself that wasn’t true, but it’s the student who gets to choose what they share.

So, with this being said, have you met your match?

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