OPINION: Why is Tuesday Fryday gone?

OPINION: Why is Tuesday Fryday gone?

By Ethan Amstutz
eSomethin Staff

Every week for years we, as Perrysburg students, look forward to one thing every Tuesday.


Editorial cartoon by Michael Luce

Editorial cartoon by Michael Luce

No matter who you are, you will go out of your way to buy fries because they were the best thing to ever happen to Perrysburg. Fries were a regular here. They were loved. They were amazing. They were tradition.

For as long as I can remember, fries have been a part of the Perrysburg cafeteria. Now here we are, every Tuesday, fryless.

You may be asking yourself:  “Why did they take away all of our fries?” The fries were taken away because they were too unhealthy.

This tragic event happened Jan. 5, and is still in full go as of today. If they wanted us to be more healthy,  wouldn’t they take away all the cookies, ice cream, chips, Cheetos, Pop-Tarts, and other unhealthy items?

Commentary_With_LinesWhy would they take away the school’s favorite food, that we only have once a week? It is destroying the students, and some faculty members’ happiness?

“When they took away the fries I was totally devastated, I loved calling Tuesday Fryday to confuse the students around me,” freshman Alex Sedlak said. “But I definitely loved eating the school fries every Tuesday.”

Teacher Dean Ferguson was more a fan of the tri-taters than the fries — but those are gone too.

“For each lunch we had to follow the STAR lunch provided by the state,” said Maria Hersch, head of the cafeteria. “The fries were not in the lunch plan and we needed to follow it so that we could get money back from the state to pay for some of the items in the cafeteria. It isn’t like we wanted to get rid of them, they just couldn’t deep fry them anymore. We are only allowed to serve a certain amount of fats and trans fats, and unfortunately we could not serve them anymore.”

Lila Szozda, child nutrition director for the district, said they can only serve certain amounts of fats and sodium.

“Sometimes we can’t sell ranch dressing, cream cheese, or things like that because they have too much fat or sodium in them,” she said. “Even some salads that have ham and cheese in it cannot be sold because of the high sodium counts.”

The cafeteria served regular fries, triangular-shaped fries, and smiley-face fries. Now we have corn with a breakfast meal, it used to be the triangle fries or hash browns. This is to try to make the school lunches healthier by adding a vegetable.

The Perrysburg High School cafeteria is to replace different items to follow the state criteria for meals just as students have to follow class criteria.

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