Calling 8th graders interested in eSomethin

Calling 8th graders interested in eSomethin

By Noah Keel
eSomethin Staff


Photo from above the Curriculum Fair. (From Megan Lazor, guidance secretary)

The annual Curriculum Fair for 8th graders was held at Perrysburg High School in the commons Feb. 3. It started by holding a presentation for the 8th graders in the auditorium then at 7:15 p.m. they were released into the commons to explore classes and clubs. 

The purpose of the Curriculum Fair, according to the PHS guidance counselors, is:

  1.      Promote courses within each department
  2.      Discuss prerequisites
  3.      Explain course content
  4.      Discuss difficulty of courses
  5.      Discuss how courses relate to career and college majors
  6.      Answer questions about availability of courses (number of sections typically offered)
  7.      Answer questions about materials required for course
  8.      Discuss differences between AP/Honors and College Prep courses
  9.      Explain amount and type of homework

Many groups handed out candy and applications to the 8th graders to convince them to join them for the next school year. The Cellar (also students who write stories on handed out a lot of applications to join the team for next year. Those application will be due next Friday. Once the application is filled out make sure it gets to teacher Tim Kitson. Email for more information.

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