Free choice or social desirability?

Free choice or social desirability?

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Study examines whether more technology equals less freedom to choose

By Meric Joseph Pope
Special to eSomethin

Eighth in 10 installments

TopicOfInterest_250pxAs the world becomes more dependent upon technology, does the option of free choice disappear?

By using a random SRS, a sample of students chosen at random, an answer to this question was sought out.

Through a sample of 40 high school students in a 9-10 period study hall, we discovered there to be no correlation between these two variables. This means that there should be no expected reason why someone with a job would either have more or less accounts.

The amount of social media accounts is then solely based upon the person’s personal preferences and is not in any way dictated by social responsibility. This is very relevant to today’s society because as the influence of technology grows by the day, teenagers may feel compelled to have social media accounts not because of personal preferences but simply because society dictates that they do.

However, through these stats, we can see that a teenager does not feel obligated to have an account if they don’t want. This survey shows that Generation X, and in turn the world, still has freedom of choice and is not just blindly following the masses.SRS

Here, you see a box plot that illustrates the correlation between social media accounts owned and whether or not they have a job.

As you can see, the graphs are very similar showing no correlation between job and number of social media accounts.



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