Winterfest a hit

Winterfest a hit

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

Wintefest-PartyLive entertainment, free food, fun, and games… what could be better?

Perrysburg Student Council kicked off its second annual Winterfest this year, following the boys’ basketball game and the Winter One Acts on Jan. 29th. Entrance to the event cost $2, or was free with the purchase of a tee-shirt.

“We do this for the American Heart Association, we want to show that Perrysburg cares,” student council president Jacob Waller said.

The American Heart Association is the oldest and largest voluntary organization that is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association website.

All of the proceeds from Winterfest are donated to the organization.

Most of the night was spent hanging out with friends, and listening to the talented students of Perrysburg sing karaoke. Music was provided at the beginning, but as more and more people showed up it seemed that everybody wanted to listen to the students sing. Other fun events included corn hole, spike ball, and a competitive game of Mario Kart. Food such as wings, pizza, and other snacks were also included during the night.

“Winterfest is really awesome because it’s such a casual time, nobody’s coming to dance or get dressed up, it’s a nice little hangout time where kids can come and chill,” said student council member Sarah Neiswander.

Newcomer Soliman said he was excited to attend this year.

“Everyone looks really happy, and I just love the festivity,” he said. 

All in all, it turned out to be a great night. Events like these are what make Perrysburg a great place to attend. It seems that students all enjoy hanging out, and giving to a good cause.

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