ACT vs. Elementary School

ACT vs. Elementary School

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Survey examines association between ACT score and students’ elementary school

By Luke Bakies
Special to eSomethin

Sixth in 10 installments

College is right around the corner for many of the students at PHS.

TopicOfInterest_250pxDuring the first semester, seniors are right in the middle of the application process. A key piece that determines if you get into your dream college is your ACT score. For those that do not know the ACT is a standardized test that colleges use when admitting students. The top score is a 36, which very few people accomplish.

My partner and I were interested to find if students that attended a Perrysburg elementary school did better than other districts. We also wanted to find if one elementary in Perrysburg had better scores than the others.

ACTOn November 10, 2015, during period ⅘, we set out to find the answer. We surveyed 40 students to find their ACT score and elementary school. We found a large range of answers from 19 to 35. Our results showed that on average, Woodland and Fort Meigs had the best scores. This is shown on the graph with their boxes being farther to the right than the other boxes.

This information could be useful to the district to see which schools perform the best as well as where parents want to send their kids. This also showed that students from Perrysburg do just as well, if not better, than students that attended elementary school in another district.

This could make people want to send their kids to Perrysburg over another school, such as Maumee.

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