REVIEW: ‘Magnus Chase’

REVIEW: ‘Magnus Chase’

By Maggie Davis
eSomethin Staff

635699865683485282-MAGNUS-CHASE-jacket-FINALRick Riordan’s new release ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer takes readers through the nine realms, from Midgard to Asgard. As a reader that grew up with Percy Jackson’s quests with Camp Half-Blood, and the Kane siblings, this is a great new installment into Mr. Riordan’s tales of the world of demigods.

The book is fast-paced, full of fights with giants and other creatures of Norse origin, even leading Magnus to come face-to-face with the triggers of Doomsday. And, as usual with Mr. Riordan’s characters, the book is also chock-full of snark and sarcasm. The Sword of Summer is the first book in a new trilogy for teens.

Overall, The Sword of Summer was a great book. Not only does the novel work as a stand-alone story, but fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series will find many nods in their direction, linking the stories together.

Mr. Riordan weaves in the same humor from his other writings, with silly chapter titles, quick comebacks, and will leave readers with the same mystified anticipation as the other demigod’s tales. It’s a fun and quick read, great for anyone looking for a new book to start. The sequel, The Hammer of Thor, is due to release in the fall of next year.

The novel opens by giving you a glimpse into living life on the street with nowhere to go, the current state of Magnus’ life. He is woken up in his camp under a bridge in Boston with only a single warning, “They’re after you.” The 16-year-old’s life gets thrown into a wild frenzy as he is dragged along to find the legendary Sword of Summer, and somehow ends up in the halls of Valhalla with the help of a part-time valkyrie named Samirah al-Abbas.

Magnus eventually finds himself back in Midgard, the human realm, after a worrying prophecy of his destiny is given. He and Sam team up with his friends Blitz, a dwarf who has a very particular taste in fashion, and Hearth, an elf that was born deaf and uses ASL and the magic in ancient Norse runes to communicate.

Along the way, the quartet travels through the world tree to many of the realms, meeting and angering many of the Norse gods and the creatures of legend as they attempt to delay the first signs of the dawn of Ragnarok.

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