Get to know the new choir teacher

Get to know the new choir teacher

By Rachael Brandel
eSomethin Staff

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Garrett Leininger

Garrett Leininger is one of the choir teachers at Perrysburg High School, teaching alongside a friend, Nicole Spadafore.

Mr. Leininger originates from Archbold, Ohio. This is his first year at PHS. He applied to teach at Perrysburg because of its caliber of the music department.

Mr. Leininger started his musical teaching journey at Bowling Green State University, where he majored in Vocal Music Education. Shortly after he graduated, he obtained a teaching job at Montpelier, where he stayed for two years. Mr. Leininger is now in his third year of teaching.

Having been at PHS for several months, he discovered that his favorite part of this school is it’s diverse music community. Something that he is proud of achieving while teaching here is a successful fall performance. He helped teach and conduct ‘Five Hebrew Love Songs’ by Eric Whitacre. 

When asked about Mr. Leininger, one of his students said “Mr. Leininger is a great guy and communicates well with the students, and the students really enjoy him.” I also asked Leininger some fun questions to help get to know his personality, and here is our Q&A.

Rachael Brandel: Who was your favorite artist/s when you were in high school?

Garrett Leininger: I listened to a lot of Green Day, as well as Panic! at the Disco.

RB: If you were a coffee flavor, what would you be and why?

GL: I would be breakfast blend, because it’s not too strong. It’s like a loving kick in the butt.

RB: If you could trade lives with anyone, who would it be and why?

GL: Oh, I would be any of the guys from Pentatonix. They get to travel the world and melt the faces of their fans.

Mr. Leininger has enjoyed his time so far at Perrysburg High School, and hopes to teach here for many more years.

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