REVIEW: Red Robin doesn’t impress

REVIEW: Red Robin doesn’t impress

By Maryann Jajou
eSomethin Staff

Picture this: You’re at the shops at Fallen Timbers. You’ve been shopping for hours and you start to feel your stomach roar for something to eat. “What’s the closest restaurant near me?” You think. Quickly Red Robin comes to mind, located next to Barnes and Nobles and not far from Rave Cinemas.

Wesomething_Commentarye decided to try out Red Robin for the first time in years and brought along a few helpers to review them. I didn’t tell any of the staff or chefs that I was being a food critic for the evening because I wanted the everyday experience all their customers receive. Here’s what we found.


Personally, I found the service to be above average. The waitress took our orders and was there whenever we needed her.

One thing I noted was when we ordered our meal came after a while of waiting makes me think if the kitchen staff was ready for any order the waiters were giving them.

We were instantly greeted by a staffer who seated us and asked for refreshments right away.


Chelsea Fisher, freshman, says “I got a salad and an appetizer and that costed me $10.”

A lot of the food items including appetizers were above average in expenses. Most of their burgers ranged from $8-13. Even a simple appetizer cost between $5-10.

One of my friends that helped me out ordered a simple spinach guacamole that ended up costing her $7, it was a very small portion.


When you first walk into the establishment, I thought the lighting was very dim throughout the entire restaurant. The decor was ’90s style.

Other people around the restaurant were having engaging conversations filled with talk and lots of laughter, while just a few of the tables seemed to be more intimate.

There were TVs placed in multiple places around the establishment.


Chelsea Fisher, a freshman, said: “The burgers were the best thing there, and don’t get spinach artichoke dip.”

Sophomore Noah Keel said: “The food was terrible, but the service was OK.”

Zach Moser, a sophomore, said: “It was bland with a hint of bland, oh and I got it with a side of bland. I will never recommend this place unless the person is like the most boring person on earth.”

Final Vote

Noah: 5 out of 10.

Zach: 1 out of 10.

Chelsea: 4 out of 10.

At the end of the day, we all seemed to agree that the food was not very good, and the service was average. We also agreed, as a group, to give Red Robin a 3 our of 10 rating.

Personally, I wouldn’t go back again in the future.

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