Roof work brings odor

Roof work brings odor

cty phs27p A June 27, 27, 2001. Exterior of the new Perrysburg High School. Blade photo by Jeremy Wadsworth

By Ethan Amstutz
eSomethin Staff

Last week the school had to sit through a terrible smell, it was because Advanced Roofing was working on the wear and tear on the roof.

“Advanced Roofing actually re-did the roof so that there wouldn’t be any leaks,” head custodian Dave Duhamel said. “The roof was leaking and there were water stains on the ceiling panels.”

Although it smelled Nov. 30, it appears to be worth it to fix the roof.

“It was definitely not good and even though I wasn’t around it too much it still gave me a headache,” junior Ethan Best said.

Senior Jared Geiner said, “It was not a pleasant smell, at first I thought I had somehow spilled gasoline on me, but then I was told the smell came from the roof. It gave me a headache right away.”  

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