Crystal Concert this week

Crystal Concert this week

SAMSUNG CSCBy Ryan McConnell
eSomethin Staff

The Crystal Concert bi-yearly event that features the entirety of the Perrysburg High School Music department is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday in the auditorium.

Every group from every branch, including choir, band, and orchestra, is performing for friends and family. The production is so massive in scale and prestige, that it breaks the traditional high school concert rules of one performance and extends into two nights.

The performance lasts several hours, and is not constrained to the confines of the stage alone. There are numbers on the stage, of course, but students also appear in the pit and on both wings. The event features multiple types of music as well. From epic ballads and intense symphonies, to soothing melodies and upbeat dance numbers. And it all ends with the magnificent Hallelujah Chorus by Handel, combining the musical talents of all three musical divisions into one epic grand finale that leave the audience in awe.

As can be expected, an event of this scale is on the forefront of the minds of every musical instructor at the school

“All the different bands among Perrysburg work quite hard for the Crystal Concert,” said senior Mitchell Grillot. “Each band has been practicing for it every day for a while now, and the organization of when we go to perform is a lot to remember. Although the songs are great to play and perform, it’s not an easy task. Even the little chamber ensembles have lots of work to do. All in all the other band students and our directors put lots of effort into making the concert sound and look amazing.”

The concert is $10.

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