Eating with self control

Eating with self control

By Callie Broderick
eSomethin Staff

As typical-hungry humans, we can all admit to indulging on the holidays. We justify to ourselves why we can get away with eating our body weight in turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing. It’s just the normal thing to do on the holiday.

Food Cost Of ThanksgivingBut we need to understand what it actually does to our bodies.

Your stomach, cholesterol, insulin levels, and your blood vessels would not agree with our justification.

Within the first hours of eating your insulin levels have spiked in an attempt to control the sugar that’s coursing through your bloodstream. Within 30 minutes of eating a salty meal, your blood vessels may become slightly less supple. If your diet is frequently filled with salty foods, you may develop stiff blood vessels, a heart-disease risk factor.

I understand how awesome turkey is, trust me, but be cautious on much you eat. That depends on how much longer you plan on staying awake. According to Women’s Health Turkey contains tryptophan, which converts into a sleep promoting serotonin, the drowsiness is due to the stomach telling your brain that you need to rest, so the result is that your energy will go towards digesting.

Portion control is possibly the hardest thing to do, especially on holidays, but you’ll be thanking yourself at least a day or two after the feast.

I say that because all the sodium you are taking in is retaining a whole bunch of water causing unwanted water weight. Plus, the unwanted and uncomfortable bloating! So unless you want to fit in your favorite jeans, just be cautious of your sodium intake.

As long as you are being cautious and making the best decisions I can guarantee that your holidays will be grand no matter what you are celebrating!

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