Jaco has big plans for Perrysburg athletics

Jaco has big plans for Perrysburg athletics

Perrysburg Athletic Director Chuck Jaco

Perrysburg Athletic Director Chuck Jaco.

By Nick Gnepper
eSomethin Staff

Chuck Jaco has big shoes to fill after Ray Pohlman retired after 3½ decades of service to Perrysburg.

Mr. Jaco, 43, describes his new job of Perrysburg High School athletic director as being a coach of coaches.  He works with more than 100 coaches between all the sports teams and every level of the teams, from freshman to varsity.

Mr. Jaco helps coaches find new ways to motivate athletes on and off the field.

His favorite part of the job is working with the student athletes. He says he also has responsibilities for the scheduling for sports, sponsors, and boosters.

Mr. Jaco is very enthusiastic about our football team’s advancement into the playoffs, going further in his first year than ever before in school history. He is modest about the success.

“(I’m in the) right place at the right time,” Mr. Jaco said. “That any time history is made, it is a special time.”  

He plans to create a mobile app to develop mobile ticketing to create rewards for signing in and using the app to get into games. As far as changing anything about the programs, he said it’s already a “well oiled machine.”

Mr. Jaco choose Perrysburg because he wanted to raise his children in this great education system.

“I had my eye on Perrysburg for a while,” he said.  

Mr. Jaco said that this position was perfect for his love of sports, and enjoying being a school administrator. He also has created a Monday night coach’s show broadcast on WWWM-FM’s 100.7, featuring players and coaches from all sports teams. He said it’s more of a “community show.”

Throughout the football season, all the football games have been broadcast on 100.7. Now, the station is planning to broadcast 10 to 15 girls basketball games, and 15 to 20 boys games.

Mr. Jaco wants students to know that he always wants to have an open door policy. Before Perrysburg,  he worked at Northwood Local Schools for 10 years, teaching social studies and American history.  

Mr. Jaco also coached 12 seasons of football and 10 seasons of boys and girls track and field. He was an administrator at Penta Career Center for 10 years. Mr. Jaco has a Bachelors of Arts degree and a Masters in Education degree from University of Toledo, and his Superintendent’s License from Bowling Green State University.

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