Water line fixed

Water line fixed

By Olivia Henthorn
eSomethin Staff

The Perrysburg High School water-main line was fixed Nov. 6, but no without inconveniences.

Water fountains were closed and covered with trash bags after a water-line break. The problem was fixed three days later.

Students were faced with the challenges of not using water that is usually available for them everyday.

“It happened the day that we had dress rehearsal for the fall play, so when (Rob) Gentry said we couldn’t use the water I was like how are we going to do this?,” senior Kelly France said. “But after that it was fixed, so then it really didn’t affect me.”

On Nov. 3, there was a main water-line break at PHS. A boil advisory was in place for the week. The water was tested to see if it was safe enough to drink and cook with. There were pathogens found in it that made it unsafe to use.

The contaminated water was unsafe to use because of the dangerous pathogens in the water. If students with open wounds or cuts were to wash their hands in the contaminated water, then they could have been infected, drinking it would possibly have had the same effect on any students.

Students were strongly encouraged to bring in their own water to drink and stay hydrated throughout the school day. However in the main office, there were water bottles free of charge for the students to drink. Along with that, hand sanitizer was set in each bathroom to use in place of washing hands with soap and water.

The bottled water was provided by Jason Craig. He is the secretary and director of operations at  the Perrysburg Heights Community Center. Mr. Craig is always available to help others and PHS is very grateful for his generosity.

“It was an inconvenience at first, but it took me back to my years of teaching at the junior high,” math teacher Daniel Thompson said. When Mr. Thompson began teaching 25 years ago his first class didn’t have drinking water available then.  first taught in 25 years ago. The recent experience brought him back to his first year of teaching.

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