Girls soccer team fall in heartbreaker

Girls soccer team fall in heartbreaker

Josie Fowler controlling the ball earlier this season.

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

Twelve seconds is all it takes to change everything.

The Lady Jackets soccer team played Medina in the regional finals earlier this month and lost 2-1. During the first half of the game Medina led 1-0, but during the second half sophomore Kristina Demarco tied the game. With 20 seconds left, a foul was called on Perrysburg. Medina was able to score a goal with only 12 seconds left in the game – sending them on the road to state semifinals.

“They owned the first half, and we owned the second,” senior Bri Boyd said. “We wanted it more the second half, so it sucked when they came out with the win.”

Boyd has played varsity soccer since freshman year, and played when the team won states back in 2012. Along with Boyd, seniors Josie Fowler, Erika Joldrichsen, and Beth Glowacki were also on the state championship team.  

“All throughout we had been optimistic and hopeful and we knew we had it in the bag,” senior Addison Young said. “As soon as they scored you could just tell everyone was defeated. It was a good game. We had a lot of heart. We played hard and we’re sad it didn’t end in our favor but we fought to the end.”

When asked how she felt about the Lady Jackets played, Boyd said “our heart and talent were there the whole game so that’s all that matters.”

Though the season is over for our Lady Jackets and our senior players, there is always next year for the soccer team to strike again. Hopefully they can win that state title again.

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