Students make ESPN-like broadcast

Students make ESPN-like broadcast


Students Alex Sedlak and Matt Rodriguez set up an ESPN-like broadcast at a Perrysburg High School freshman volleyball game last month. They wanted to be “legendary.”

By Ethan Amstutz
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School has to be the only school to have a live ESPN-like broadcasting for their freshman volleyball team.

As the Yellow Jackets beat the Maumee freshman team in the NLL championship last month, the student section had something up its sleeve.

Students Alex Sedlak and Matt Rodriguez brought their headsets from home and colored a large cardboard sign that read “ESPN” with the Perrysburg fighting Yellow Jacket.

When asked what his inspiration was Alex Sedlak responded, “I saw it on Twitter and thought that I would be a legend in school if I did it.” 

The friends wanted to do something great for the last game, and thought about it for a day or two before deciding on the ESPN broadcast. So they threw on suits, colored a cardboard sign and did a play-by-play and color commentary. They thought this would be a legendary idea to shock the students, faculty, and coaches.

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