Unsafe water

Unsafe water

By Olivia Henthorn
eSomethin Staff

Water fountains were closed and covered with trash bags after a water-line break made water unsafe to drink.

Water fountains were closed and covered after a water-line break made water unsafe to drink.

Last week there was a main water-line break at Perrysburg High School, making the water not safe to drink.

A boil advisory was ordered for the seven to 10 days, starting Nov. 3 when the break occurred . The water is currently being tested to see if it is safe enough to drink and cook with, essentially if the water is free of pathogens that may have contaminated the water during the break.
Students are strongly encouraged to bring in their own water to drink and stay hydrated throughout the school day. However, in the main office, there is bottled water free of charge for the students to drink.
Hand sanitizer is also suggested for students. It is provided in each bathroom. In the case of open cuts or wounds though, students could be infected by washing their hands in the contaminated water.
PHS is continuing to fix this problem, the water should be clean by mid-week so that students can return to drinking from the water fountains and washing their hands.

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