Spirit Week decorations too wild?

Spirit Week decorations too wild?

By Maggie Davis
eSomethin Staff

Every year, the cross-town rivalry game with Maumee High School raises a lot of heads here at PHS.

A different spirit day for every day of the week, and a huge celebration on Friday with our pep rally, cheers, and wild decorations. But were some decorations used last year too wild for this round of festivities?

Students may have walked into school Friday seeing their student council officers and representatives cleaning off window paint, tearing tape off of the floors, and some just feeling salty in general.

So what happened?

Sophomores Kelsey Bartalsky, Maia Williams, Jalisia Goodman, and Abby Cook said they came in and Kevin English, science teacher and head of student council, said the head janitor came in and told them it needed taken down. All the paint, tape, and paper over the lights.

The black-and-yellow paper covering hall lights  were deemed fire hazards.

Many students were grumbling, asking, “How can they be fire hazards?” Others understood some of the changes made Friday morning.

“No, we don’t think the window paint is a fire hazard,” Maia Williams said. “The lights we could see though.”

What about what the freshman thought about this ordeal? Were they disappointed?

“Yeah, I  really was, and I was really excited to see everything decorated since this is the high school,” said freshman Clara Barned. “The junior high only has a poster, and when I walked out of first period, over half of them were gone.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to speak with any of the janitorial staff, who were busy helping set up for the pep rally. Most of the banners and streamers were left up. As well as locker decorations in all the class wings. Students still carried around balloons that they picked up off the floor, too. Some students even decorated those.

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