5 running for school board

5 running for school board

Caption: Perrysburg school board candidates from left to right Jarman Davis, Valerie Hovland, Ed Palmatier, Ray Pohlman and Susan Rowland Miller discuss issues during a forum Monday, October 5, 2015, in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Perrysburg school board candidates from left to right Jarman Davis, Valerie Hovland, Ed Palmatier, Ray Pohlman and Susan Rowland Miller.

By Zach Moser

eSomethin Staff

Does the board of education matter?

Yes, yes it does.

The board comes up with the policies that tell you what you can and cannot do in a school or at a school event. There are five members on the Perrysburg Board of Education that are elected at large. A board member cannot work in the school district and if they are with a corporation that supplies a good or service to the schools they must refrain from discussing the contract. This leaves the positions open to the public.

This year there are two seats to fill. The five candidates running in the Nov. 3 election are Jarman Davis, Valerie HovlandEd Palmatier, Ray Pohlman and Susan Rowland-Miller.

Here are some questions we asked the concurrent members of the board.

We were able to get in contact with Ms. Hovland and ask her a couple of questions. When asked “what do you think makes you qualified for being on the school board,” she said that she was “very involved with the community” such as being the president of the chambers of commerce and on the pupil services committee.

She said she also connects well with kids and cited working as a middle school teacher in the inner-city.

We were also able to get in contact with current school board president Jarman Davis. He said he’d like to continue to keep moving forward to keep the community great. Mr. Davis would like to keep supporting extracurricular activities. One thing he wants high school students to know about him is that he wants to help students “find extra opportunities to grow as people and help get them ready for their next venture in life.”

We were unable to get in contact with the other candidates.

Mr. Palmatier has based most of his candidacy on making the schools energy-efficient and saving the district money through that. Susan Rowland-Miller, associate executive director at Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity, has leaned on her conflict resolution skills. Ray Pohlman, long time Perrysburg High School math teacher, football coach, and athletic director, wants to keep the district strong.

With some seniors being able to vote this year the school board is one major thing to be informed about before voting. Think about it, they essentially run the school.

Remember, when you’re at the voting booth Tuesday, a minute to think about a candidate before you make your decision.

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