Are you too old to trick-or-treat?

Are you too old to trick-or-treat?

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By Chelsea Fisher and Maggie Davis
eSomethin Staff

Halloween is almost here.

Talk about candy and fun costumes will be floating are floating around, so we set out to see if any PHS students had plans for the holiday.

Of the 19 students that we interviewed, 12 said that they are dressing up either for a party or trick-or-treating.

Emily Swick, a freshman, is going trick-or-treating as Wednesday Addams. Sophomore Michael Nahas is going to a party dressed as Indiana Jones.

Even though it seems like dressing up for Halloween and going trick or treating seems like something only underclassmen would enjoy, it really isn’t. Junior Grace Rodriguez is dressing up with a Day of the Dead theme and going trick or treating.

So, how old is too old to go trick-or-treating? According to a survey from Today Parents, most parents say kids should stop trick-or-treating around the ages of 13 or 14. Do you agree?

We asked what some students thought was a good age to stop going trick-or-treating. Freshman Maura Barley said “Never.” An anonymous junior said, “Probably when you’re dead.”

Some others didn’t agree, though. Bethany McCormick, a sophomore, said a good age to stop was 17, and junior Cameron Bishop said 18 years old.

According to the Washington Post, St. Louis, Miss. has become famous for banning high schoolers from trick-or-treating. Other towns have also imposed age limits. Some limit students at the age of 12. In Belleville, Ill., violators are fined $25.

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