Opinion: Stumped by Trump

Opinion: Stumped by Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, in Burlington, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

By Callie Broderick
eSomethin Staff

As a future voter, do you know who you are voting for or why?

Most Americans know Donald Trump is a known billionaire. He is a real estate superstar and a giant TV star, but did you know that he went to a military school at the age of 13? Do you know he went to college and graduated with a degree in economics? Do the American people remember or even know about the four – yes four – company bankruptcies, and a brief presidential run in 2012?

Yet right now, Mr. Trump is the top dog in the Republican race for the Presidential position.

Commentary_With_LinesHis top contenders are Ben Carson, Carly Florina, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, but Mr. Trump is sitting comfortably at 27 percent, which was found on publicpolicypolling.com. Ben Carson is at 17 percent — which isn’t too close to the Donald.  That clearly doesn’t stop him from dominating the nation and most of his fellow candidates’ hometowns. As of Oct. 14, he was able to add South Carolina and Nevada to the other states that are pro-Trump.

Now on to a more important issue: Mr. Trump claims to be pro-life, but he has contributed to the pro-abortion women’s campaign fund. That obviously raises many eyebrows. Here’s why: The pro-abortion campaign gets funded $500 million dollars in taxpayer money annually whom also have sold remains of unborn babies for research.  If that doesn’t disgust you, did you know that the employees of planned parenthood get fat bonuses for getting a sale on each body part of the unborn fetus.  So why would Mr. Trump fund them?  Just so they could back him.  It’s shocking.  How can a presidential nominee claim to be pro-life but funds a barbaric organization? http://www.cwfa.org/donald-trumps-pro-abortion-past-and-present/

As a 17 year-old senior at Perrysburg High School I can’t say I’m confident in any of the presidential candidates for 2016. I say that because we have non-politicians mixed with businessmen and a neurosurgeon. I see more and more Americans favoring the non-politicians more than the actual  experienced politicians. That to me proves that America has trust issues with the people who are supposed to represent the Land Of The Free. We have scandals mixed with inconsistency.

As a Perrysburg High School student you should be worried about this election because it can and will affect your future as a young adult in Ohio.

As high school student and a future voter, do you think about these things? Who do you want running your country? Do you consider the long-term effects of whom you vote for as President of the United States? Well, you should start thinking about these things because as politics grow even more corrupt you have the ability to change that and vote for the right candidate who will.

Make America great again.

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