PHS gives blood

PHS gives blood

CTY blooddrive21p Blood is collected from a donor. The Keith Dressel Memorial Blood Drive at the Toledo Police Patrolmen's Association hall in Toledo, Ohio on February 20, 2015. It is the fourth blood drive to commemorate the Toledo Police Department detective who was killed on duty on February 21, 2007. The event was coordinated by the American Red Cross. The Blade/Jetta Fraser

By Olivia Henthorn
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School donated a total of 56 units of blood from 77 different donors to the American Red Cross during Friday’s blood drive in the gym.

The National Honors Society puts on the blood drive ever year, trying to give blood to those who desperately need it.

Ashley Instone, the nurse in charge Friday, said they like to get younger people involved with donating early on.

“They like to get out of class and they are a big part of where our donations come from,” she said. “Once [students] start donating in high school, then they usually keep donating, and it’s easier for them to keep going. At first they might be scared of fainting, but it’s really not that hard, it’s a mental game.”

A NHS student, Sonia Krolak, said that she works the blood drive because it’s a chance for her to get out of class, and to be a hero and donate. A fellow donor, Jeet Shaha, said “donating is the right thing to do for society.”

“ I donate because my brother had cancer and it’s good to give back,” Alyssa Knappins said.

Whatever their reason may be, students at PHS love giving back to the community.

If you were unable to give blood for any reason today, please know that the American Red Cross will always accept donations of any kind. Visit their website to see how else you can donate to the community.

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