‘The Star Wars: Battlefront’ preview

‘The Star Wars: Battlefront’ preview

By Noah Keel
eSomethin Staff

I’m honored to write this review because I was one of the few people who actually got a beta code to play this game early. I got to play two days early and now I want to share what I liked and disliked about the game.

starwarsbattlefront 2015-10-06 20-14-34-38The Star Wars: Battlefront beta runs from Oct. 8th to Oct. 12th. I picked up a beta code from a EA staff member that help make Battlefront. If you want to play the beta just hop onto your PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and go to the Origin tab to download and play the beta.

For all you PC lovers you need to download Origin and then download the actual game. But good news for PC users, you can pre-load the game one day early so you can get right into the action the next day.

Well, where do I start for the actual game, though? It’s amazing. It also has its problems, like the endless waiting to get into a match. Another problem that I have come to notice is the flight controls. They either seem unresponsive or just twitchy. I tend to crash my ships into the ground or other things. I just steer clear from the air and stick to the ground, where my talents really shine, on the battlefield. This game can be very intense at times when facing the imperials and watching the looming AT­AT’s in the distance.

I find this game to be not very balanced, but still fun for both sides. For instance, the imperials have a much better advantage because they basically have a walking tank that can’t be destroyed till the last second of the match, even then it is extremely hard to take down. Overall, this game is great, but can be improved on. I hope to see what EA brings us in late November and how much it will change from the beta.

Now let’s move onto my rating rubric.

  • Gameplay: 7/10
  • Sound Quality: 10/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Compatibility: 10/10
  • Optimization: 10/10
  • Matchmaking Availability: 6/10
  • Fun Factor: 10/10
  • Uniqueness: 2/10
  • Total: 65/80 Review Points

The beta so far is amazing, but it could use some improvements. I can’t wait to see what they bring us with the full game. I hope to see more locations and playable heroes/villains such as Jango Fett, and also I want a more balanced walker assault game mode. Other than that, this game scores very highly on my personal favorite game list coming in at number three.

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