Something’s abuzz at PHS

Something’s abuzz at PHS

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Bee on a student in the lunchroom.

By Zach Moser and Michael Luce
eSomethin Staff

The buzz is in and we’re not talking about Perrysburg’s spirit animal.

We’re talking about actual bees in the school causing chaos and distraction. It was confirmed  by Debbie Reddick, Perrysburg High School’s nurse, that a student was stung multiple times on Sept. 14.

It is unclear how many times the student was stung and where it happened. Speculation is the student was stung in a classroom, but school officials couldn’t confirm.

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Nurse Debbie Reddick

“I know about the bee spots,” Ms. Reddick said. “One main concern is for students with bee allergies.”

We know the Perrysburg  High School’s staff members know about this, and school officials said they brought in a termination company on Sept. 15.

Most students in the lunchroom said they have no idea there were bees around school.

When asked, Spencer Ty said that he was “scared,” but Principal Michael Short said this is “not an issue if the student does not have a bee allergy.”

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Track construction

At this time, the bee issue has appeared to calm down.


How does the school deal with a bee problem? Pesticide. Lots of pesticide. That’s the perfect solution for the school, right?

According to, a website dedicated to education about such chemicals and their impact on the environment, “pesticides should never be applied when students or employees are in the area or may be in the area within 24 hours of the application.”

The Toxics Action Center states that this caution is justified due to the fact that “pesticides have been linked to a wide range of human health hazards, ranging from short-term impacts such as headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and [hormonal] disruption.” Children have lesser developed immune systems to fight off these toxins, yet absorb more into their bodies than adults.

For more information, go to or

However, Ohio does not have any requirements concerning the usage around schools. This leaves policy making up to the school.

While many might be worried about toxic chemicals being sprayed around the school without warning, the school does have a policy regarding usage of such substances. Anybody concerned can request to learn of pesticide application before it actually occurs.

On page 9 of the student handbook it states:

“Pesticides may periodically be applied to school property. Parents, adult students and employees have the right to request prior notification of such pesticide applications by using Form 8431 F5. In the case of an emergency, pesticides may be applied in classroom buildings without prior notice, but those who request notification will be notified of the emergency application as soon as possible after it occurs. Prior notification will not be given for lawn applications.”

Rest easy PHS, the situation is in the hands of professionals and the infestation will be bested. A team came to PHS to investigate and exterminate the bees.

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