Return to Remnant

Return to Remnant

By Maggie Davis
eSomethin Staff

Maggie Davis

Maggie Davis

Welcome to Remnant, a fantasy world where danger lurks around every corner.

No need to worry though, a guard of Huntsmen and Huntresses keeps watch over the four kingdoms. But what exactly do they do, how are they trained, and what power is trying to take over the kingdoms?

We’re talking about RWBY, the Web series on YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming websites.

Fifteen-year-old student, Ruby Rose (voiced by Lindsay Jones) gets thrown straight into the action as she gets moved ahead two years in the training program. She joins her older sister Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman), and new companions, Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle) and Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech), as Teams RWBY and JNPR navigate their way through life at Beacon Academy.

To me, RWBY is a phenomenal show that gets better with time. Many are quick to judge, though. The show began production in 2012, and an average episode runs about 13 minutes. The bright colors and action draw you in, and the characters resonate to a large span of the audience. Also, if you’re feeling a little bored of guy superheroes and knights in shining armor, look no further. RWBY revolves around the ladies at Beacon and their teams.

Created by Monty Oum, RWBY is a fantastic series that finds a great balance of fantasy’s whimsy and reality. Each of the characters are based around iconic fairy tale and real life people.

For example, Ruby is very predominantly portrayed as Little Red Riding Hood, while it’s speculated that JNPR’s (pronounced ‘Juniper’) leader, Jaune Arc (Miles Luna), revolves around the famed Joan of Arc. Each character is also made with the idea to fill out a certain role play game class on their team, using special inborn abilities called Semblances and unique weaponry. Everything kicked off when Rooster Teeth posted a video called the ‘RWBY “Red” Trailer’ to their YouTube channel.

Each trailer is a dynamic fight scene, and includes an interesting element- going from only a musical score in the “Red” trailer, to a full scripted trailer for “Yellow.” Why is it interesting? It’s because you have to watch the trailers to make certain events come full circle in the first and second volumes. It will all make sense, trust me.

Oum has said in a production diary available to the public, “I think the fans especially find that RWBY is just something that is very… different. It has a very unique spark that’s very hard to describe,” and different it is.

Each installment in the series can vary between a hardcore, serious-to-the-plot revelation, or the kids just being, well, kids! Sometimes it’s both, which is never a bad thing. Even the simplest things make their mark, leading to ‘less-is more’ style backgrounds, environments and character designs.

“We can build on simplicity,” said Patrick Rodriguez a concept artist said during a production diary. “We can make… and if that simplicity in the beginning is great, then there’s very little that we do with it.”

Even fans can get involved in the production. Fans went crazy over a supporting character, Velvet Scarlatina (who is also voiced by community member, Caiti Ward), that had briefly cameoed in Volume One and was eventually finalized as a recurring character. The team opened up an art contest to create her battle gear to have placed in the show, and received over 1,300 submissions. No pressure, right?

Overall, RWBY is well created show, and is great for anybody looking for some girl power with a little hint of magic. The episodes lead the plot on just enough to leave viewers wanting more, and include a fun and quirky cast of characters. There’s always some form of action, and blends together some great, new ideas and technology with some elements of traditional cartoons. The voice actors come from all across the community and the studio itself. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Volume Three has in store for everyone!

So, I guess we’ll have to find out what happens later this fall, when RWBY returns to everyone’s computer screens.

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