‘Uniqueness within Unity’ assembly shows new anti-bullying plan

‘Uniqueness within Unity’ assembly shows new anti-bullying plan

By Michael Luce
eSomethin Staff

unityLast month near the beginning of the school year the entire student body of PHS gathered in the gym to learn one thing: how to fight wolves.

Coach Matt Kregel’s analogy comparing people to sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs was one of the most memorable parts of the assembly that centered around bullying and how to help make Perrysburg a more positive school. The meeting was the kick­off for a new anti-­bullying program at PHS.

Beforehand, the students and staff were given various colored wristbands to determine which section they would be sitting in. Many students questioned the purpose of these bands and why classes were divided so unusually.

According to Dean of Students Dave Dakolios, this was done to separate usual groups and mix the school together, which helped emphasize the idea of standing united as a team.

“The best part for me was the standing up when you saw that everyone is similar” remarked senior Meric Pope.

“The big idea was the theme ‘Uniqueness within Unity,’” explained Mr. Dakolios. This theme was created by a group of students working toward a bully free Perrysburg. It emphasizes that no matter what the difference might be between students, that PHS should be united as Yellow Jackets.

“I thought it was really cool and helped show how real bullying actually is in our school,” said senior Alex Polcyn. “Turns out we don’t live in Perfect­sburg”

DSC_0090Despite the positive message, there were several recurring grievances. Many students complained that the video with the tweets was too small to read. “I couldn’t see anything,” commented freshman Will Griffioen.

Other students felt the whole assembly was pointless and that it simply repeated what has been said previously in similar meetings. Some resented not being able to sit with their friends. Still others felt the meeting was too short to be effective.

“I think it’s a really great idea,” said Fiona Connolly, a senior. “But.. I didn’t feel like anything got done at all in that first meeting.” Another senior, Morgan Casey agreed. “I think it could have made a difference, but it didn’t do that much because of how short the assembly was.”

Mr. Dakolios explained that the meeting was simply to introduce the program and that the important parts are the follow-up meetings that will happen every month in last period classes led by teachers in smaller, less intimidating settings.

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