Marching Yellow Jackets and choir groups hard at work

Marching Yellow Jackets and choir groups hard at work

PHS band
By Nicole Sundermeier

eSomethin Staff

Here in Perrysburg, football is the big deal in the fall.

Which of course makes sense because our football team is phenomenal with an outstanding record. Last year, the Yellow Jackets made it to playoffs and finished the season 11-1. But our boys aren’t the only student group who is putting in hours of practice before the season starts.

The week before school Aug. 10-15 Perrysburg band and choir are put in hours. Band camp has been happening for many years the week before school starts. They meet Monday through Friday and camp runs all day long. They have theme days, and do lots of section bonding.

“The entire band makes huge improvements throughout the camp week, learning complete shows with music, and marching drill.  The new members begin without knowing any of the technical marching fundamentals, and by the end, they are performing the complete shows, being able to march and play, read drill charts, and perform confidently with a good sound,” said Scott Schleuter, band director. “My favorite part of band camp is seeing the band be able to work together to learn shows so quickly and the camaraderie of the older students helping the younger ones learn what it means to be a Marching Yellow Jackets.”

Senior Lorna Flecher has been in marching band all four years of high school. She said her favorite memory of band camp is dressing up on the theme days.

Also with changes happening within the choir program, those students also practiced before school. Jazz and Select came in from 9 a.m to 5 p.m on Monday, and 9 a.m to noon on Tuesday to practice for the Harrison Rally Day’s performance on Sept. 12. Jazz is practicing the songs Shut up, and dance with me by Walk The Moon, and Popular by Ariana Grande featuring Mika. Women’s Select is working on DNA by Little Mix and Blank Space by Taylor Swift. DNA is a really powerful song and the dance moves really show. The dance for Blank Space was made at Show Choir Camps of America. The dance is a bit of a challenge, but will look very cool when finished.

We used to do this every year for jazz and select; we didn’t last year because of scheduling conflicts. The two-day ‘boot camp’ is a great way for us to get a head start on our fall show that we have to perform at Harrison Rally Days in September,” said choir director Nicole Spadafore. “That performance happens so early in the year it’s almost impossible to learn everything in time. Furthermore, it give students a chance to meet everyone and get to know each other before school starts. Hopefully everyone had a great time, we got a lot of stuff done.”

When asked about what she was most excited about, she said “I am excited to see how everyone works together this year and the friendships that will blossom because of it.  Jazz is a lot bigger this year, but I want to have the same sense of ‘family’ we had last year.  Select has a lot of new girls in it, so I am excited to see the new relationships that develop throughout the year.  And obviously I am super pumped about watching performance levels improve. (They’re) already starting out really well, so I know both groups are going to be unstoppable this year.”

Junior Nathan Rowland Miller is in the band, choir and drama club. He had to juggle both of the music camps.

“Doing both camps was difficult but a lot of fun,” he said. “It was challenging to try and fit all that I needed to learn into the time I had to split, but it all worked out in the end.”

So support every aspect of PHS by going to see the band, Jazz and Select, and the orchestra at Harrison Rally Days. The parade will be early in the morning of Sept. 12 and performances will be happening all day. Keep up the hard work PHS!!

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