Summer takes mind off school

Summer takes mind off school

By Rachel Brandel
eSomethin Staff

As summer draws close and the weather gets warmer, students lose interest in school work, and their views on education greatly differs from freshmen to seniors.

As you get to senior year, the word for not giving effort toward school is “Senioritis.”  Toward the end of the year, students get worn down with all the work and freedom is in view.

“I’d say a person generally gets lazier as a moment of rest approaches,” freshman Michael Nahhas said. “Me, however, I find myself working equally hard in order to maintain my grades and GPA.”

Sophomore Isabel Navarette said her “work ethic has grown more because I am trying to keep my grades up, but on the other hand it is a struggle to try and focus when all I can think about is getting out.”

Other students answered how work ethic changes when summer approaches.

“All I think about is summer and the nice weather, so instead of doing homework, I’m outside,” said junior Sabrina Egli.

Motivation seems to get worse the longer you are in high school.

“It’s gotten me lazier, like a LOT lazier,” senior Paul Stedman said.

The freshmen are still new to high school, so they still give lots of effort toward school. As you move up the ladder in high school, the amount you care about school and your grades slowly diminishes.

It can be avoided though. Study for your tests and quizzes, don’t skip out of homework, and pay attention in class. Most importantly, do not slack off when preparing for exams, and finish strong.

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