Baking with Liv and Riss

Baking with Liv and Riss

By Olivia Henthorn and Marissa Amstutzimages
eSomethin Staff

Little Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandwiches:

A creative, simple snack mixing some different tastes.

Difficulty Level: Easy


2-3 Bananas

⅓ Cups of Peanut Butter

1 Cup of Chocolate Chips


  1. Start off by slicing the bananas into equal sized circles, make sure there is an even amount.

  2. Now on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, lay out the bananas circles in pairs of two.

  3. Using a butter knife, spread the peanut butter onto one of the circles, and press the other circle on top.

  4. Freeze this for about an hour. Doing this step makes it easier to dip the sandwiches into the chocolate.

  5. After the hour is up, take the banana sandwiches out of the freezer and melt the chocolate in a Crock pot on low heat.

     5 ½. You could also heat the chocolate in the microwave, you may need to add a drop of vegetable oil to make it smooth.

     6. Now take the sandwiches and dip them in the chocolate, you could do them half-way, or the whole thing.

     7. Place the now dipped sandwiches back onto the wax paper, and let cool for another hour. When they are cool, take them out and enjoy. They last up to two weeks in the freezer.

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