Helping hygiene

Helping hygiene

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

The Hygiene drive has begun.

This week, students are urged to bring hygiene products to help support 1Matters through the Interact club. 1Matters is an organization that helps people in the Toledo area. The organization aids the unhoused and formerly unhoused who are trying to change their lives through hard work.

“If every student donated just one item, we would have over 1,400 hygiene products,” said Brooke Russell, club adviser for the Interact Club.

Interact members are accepting all types of hygiene products including shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, and others. Students are supposed to turn in the items to their homeroom. The top three homerooms will receive a cookie prize.

Other students seem to think the hygiene drive is a great way to get involved as well.

“I think it is a good cause and more people should get involved,” said junior Hanya El-Shamy on why it’s important.

As well as helping others, it is a learning experience for students.

“It is our hopes that students see the impact they have on those in need by simply donating a single item,” Mrs. Russell said. “It is a great feeling to help serve our community, and as an Interact member, it is our duty to put service over self and that is exactly what are main focus was for the hygiene drive.”

It takes at least a dollar to purchase a hygiene product and change a life.

“It’s helping people out who need hygiene products,” said Jacob Waller, Interact President.

Kenzi Moore adds, “There are people less fortunate than us and we need to help them.”

The Hygiene drive runs until May 16th, so bring in your hygiene products.

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