Pair of walk off wins

Pair of walk off wins

By Peter Atkins
eSomethin Staff

Two Yellow Jackets stepped up with walk-off hits against rival Maumee, catapulting both the PHS baseball and softball teams to wins Monday, April 27.

Baseball: Jackets win 4-3
Both sides went scoreless through four innings. Tensions were high on both sides of the crowd, who were just as into the game as the players.

The Panthers finally got on the board against senior PHS pitcher Randy Mikonowicz with three runs.

Zach Honsberger prepares to swing

Zach Honsberger prepares to swing

In the sixth inning, junior Zach Honsberger who ended pitched two scoreless innings.

An RBI from Gus Dimmerling cut the Maumee led to 3-2 as the Jackets came up for their last at bat.

Honsberger came to the plate with two Jackets on base.

“We were confident he could hit the walk-off,” said senior Connor Jordan, a starting pitcher.

Jordan and his teammates were right. Honsberger hit a walk-off single in the bottom of the seventh inning.

“We all stormed Zach,” said Jordan after Honsberger’s single. “It’s great knowing they can never beat us. We’re the most confident team out there.”

Jackets get 3-2 softball victory
The Jacket softball team had a similar fate, with a walk-off win in the bottom of the seventh inning. But the Lady Jackets’ hero came from the freshman class, Molly Kardos.

Madison Gerding

Madison Gerding

“We had confidence in Molly,” said junior Madison Gerding. “She is a really good player.”

Sure enough, Kardos also hit a walk-off single, also sending the softball team to a win against rival Maumee.

“It felt unreal. We won the game against our rival,” Gerding said.

On the team’s upcoming games, junior Kate Rudebock added “we know what we’ve done in the past, we all feel pretty confident.”

The Jackets’ next game is against Northview, which they previously beat 14-0 in five innings. Gerding and the rest of her team are rolling in confidence as the season continues.

Slideshow from April 27 Perrysburg vs. Maumee softball and baseball games.

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