Froshfest welcomes students

Froshfest welcomes students


By Claire Newberg
eSomethin Staff

Froshfest gives eighth graders a taste of what high school is like. Many high schoolers now, though, see that it is not what they expected.

“Froshfest was pretty cool, but the real deal is even better,” freshman Spencer Tye said.

Perrysburg student council works to make eighth graders feel comfortable during Froshfest, but they can’t do that everyday in school. Most students were most afraid of the first day.

“I had heard rumors about what the seniors did to the freshmen on the first day,” said sophomore Bon Romp.

>>8th graders: Don’t be nervous about high school

High school is not like the Disney movies young kids used to watch. Sadly, there is no big choreographed dance numbers in the halls nor does anyone sing out their feeling when they’re conflicted. But high school isn’t as bad as they make it seem. For the most part, people don’t get hit by trucks nor do people make burn books.

People befriend people from all different grades and cliques.

“I thought it was going to be big and scary but it’s actually warm and welcoming,” said sophomore Chloey Sniecinski.

All of these students realized that high school isn’t so bad. People are nice.

If you’re an incoming freshmen, or just new to school remember that they’re are no tigers in high school, but WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!

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