Favorite spring smells

Favorite spring smells

By Nicole Sundermeier20150417_134133
eSomethin Staff

For me, springtime is my favorite time.

The birds begin to sing, the flowers are blooming, and there are so many great smells.

As odd as that sounds, think about it. The smell of a storm, freshly cut grass, and the way mornings just smell so wonderful. Personally, those three smells combined are my all time favorite smells. You wake up in the morning, there are water droplets on the freshly mowed blades of grass from the storm the previous night.

Commentary_With_LinesMany people brush away about the certain qualities a smell can bring to a season. But memory and smell are intertwined. It’s through memory that we learn to remember smells. So the smell of spring to me, could bring up past memories.

The close connections that emotions and memory, rather than to the parts of the brain that put words on things, may help explain why humans are so bad at identifying smells.

“Spring smells I love, the first one I think about is a lilac,” English teacher Amy Farrar said. “But my favorite smell is that of a Magnolia tree, I love the pinks and the smell. I just love that. Another spring smell also might be Mr. Freeze, but that is because I live in Perrysburg.”

Seniors Connor “CJ” Jordan and Scott Freeman said their favorite smells would be the smell after storms, and freshly cut grass.

Even the sight of certain things can make memories of smells reappear.

When you see these images, spring time should pop into your mind, along with the smells.

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