Don’t be nervous, 8th graders

Don’t be nervous, 8th graders


High school students greet eighth graders visiting for Froshfest.

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

Going from a small catholic school with a class of 25 students to a huge high school with at least 400 students in each class was truly terrifying.

Not only was I used to knowing every person in my grade, but was in the same classroom for most of the day, and having the same teacher all day long.

Commentary_With_LinesHearing about how in high school you switch classes after every period, have all different teachers, and students don’t go to each class with the same group of people had me feeling very nervous.

Not to mention I’m very shy.

When I heard that Perrysburg does Froshfest for incoming freshman, I did not want to go. There were going to be a bunch of kids who all knew each other. Froshfest is for eighth grade students to tour the high school, meet each other and staff at the high school, and get acquainted to prepare them for next year.

Froshfest wasn’t so bad. It was kind of fun, and I was really pumped to be able to use the elevator passes they gave us. Those aren’t real, so don’t get too excited.

Looking at all the eighth graders this year looking around with scared, nervous, faces was kind of amusing.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned in my first three years here: high school is not as bad as it seems.

Going on the tour when I attended Froshfest scared me. I just remember thinking that I was going to get lost, and I would never be able to find any classes. Walking through classes the beginning of the year I soon realized that every department is separated into a wing, upstairs is the English, math and part of the science wing. Downstairs is history, language, and the other half of the science wing.

Freshman year classes are the easiest. Classes get harder and harder as you advance. Also, the upperclassmen aren’t scary, and won’t randomly beat you up and push you into lockers and stuff (unless you annoy them and they just don’t like you, then watch out). Nobody really cares what you do unless you do something stupid.

Also, despite what many people think, high school is not like how it is in Mean Girls. At all. We don’t wear pink on Wednesdays, you can wear your hair up more than once a week, and there’s no crazy mean group of girls like the plastics. Most people are pretty nice, and treat you the way you treat them.

All in all, high school isn’t as awful as many people think it is.  You get out what you put in, so don’t make it suck.

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