Elementary carnival a blast

Elementary carnival a blast

DSC_0012By Collin Andrews
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Cotton candy, balloon animals, and prizes!

The Toth Carnival on April 10 was a real blast. There have been many carnivals before, and every year Toth has collected a sum of about $8,000. Half of the earnings go straight to the American Cancer Society and the other half to the school programs.

This year made about $9,500, particularly thanks to a car being raffled off.

The Toth Carnival functions like a regular carnival made for the younger participants. Winning games earns tickets to buy prizes. Parents have the opportunity to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets to try to win prize baskets.

Dr. Beth Christoff,  Toth principal, said that the carnival preparation starts in December, and it gets bigger and bigger every year.


Grace Hanna, a 1st-grade teacher at Toth

“The carnival seems to get more and more added games and rooms every year,” Dr. Christoff said. “Where the problem of more volunteers is needed, and more preparation time is taken.”

The raffles were extremely popular this year because one prizes was a used silver Volkswagen, donated by Jake’s Used Car Lot. The owner of the company, Jake Bernard, attended the carnival, and said that he donated one of his cars from his company to the carnival because he knew it would raise money for a good cause.

The winner of the used car, Dave Sattig, actually left before he knew he won. The car was put on hold for him until he was informed that he won, fortunately enough.

Car raffle Prize at Toth Carnival

Car raffle Prize at Toth Carnival

One of the parents, Jackie Chandler, and her three sons, Jace, Jack an Ray, adored the carnival.

“I always enjoyed seeing the children have fun here,” she said. “The money made goes to a very good cause as well as helping the school out. I also enjoy seeing how happy the children are and how much they enjoy the carnival.”

SAMSUNG CSCHer sons Jack, Jace and Ray had their own favorite games of the carnival.

“I liked the Potty Toss, and I Spy games!” said Jack.

“I really want to win the Spiderman prize raffle and like getting my face painted,” Jace stated.

There was a lot of happy children during the raffle for prize baskets.

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